Meet The Team


Sarah Grace reflects her love for both the hospitality industry and floral design as Festoon’s Director of Operations. Originally from Black Mountain, North Carolina, Sarah Grace grew up working for her family’s catering business. Upon realizing her talent for floral design and event management, she moved to Charleston with her best friend and Festoon co-worker, Madison, and quickly fell in love with the city’s southern charm and lively spirit. On any given day, you can find Sarah Grace cooking an elaborate meal, attending a beach-front concert, or exploring Charleston’s array of new and up-and-coming restaurants. Thank you, Sarah Grace, for the energy and hard work you bring to Festoon! 

Director of Operations

Madison serves Festoon as a Lead Designer and shop manager, in addition to heading all internal operations and organizational efforts. She first fell in love with wedding design while watching “rom-com” movies throughout her childhood, and now gets to live out her dream of bringing brides’ wedding visions come to life. Madison uniquely serves those around her by going the extra mile when designing each arrangement - ensuring that no detail goes overlooked. Madison never misses an opportunity to create beautiful spaces and experiences for her friends - from planning themed dinner parties, to thrifting and flipping unique clothing and furniture pieces. In her own words, “Weddings are the pinnacle of romance, and there is nothing more special than the moment a bride walks down the aisle to her groom. Being a part of these moments as a florist is all I could ever ask for.” Madison’s creativity and diligence are not only an asset to Festoon, but a gift to those blessed enough to be a part of her life. 

Shop Manager

Lead Designer 

Chloe is Festoon’s longest outstanding employee. She began at Festoon as a Lead Designer upon graduating high school, and has continued in floral design for the past two years. Originally from Longmont, Colorado, one of Chloe’s favorite aspects of moving to Charleston is being fully immersed in the hospitality industry. In her own words, “I love working in floral design because flowers make people happy, and I love being in a business where every aspect of work that we produce has the potential to make someone’s day.” Chloe’s natural aptitude for floral arranging makes her one of Festoon’s most talented designers, and her spunky and adventurous spirit is captivating all the more. On any given day, Chloe can be found wearing multiple shades of pink, drinking a locally sourced latte, or making her friends laugh. Chloe is one of a kind - just like the arrangements she creates - and Festoon is better because of her! 

Lead Designer

Laurel serves Festoon as a Lead Designer. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Child and Family studies and a minor in Hospitality, Laurel quickly fell in love with the wedding industry, and took her talents to Charleston in 2020. As Festoon’s lead bouquet designer, Laurel is specifically gifted in her ability to express each bride’s personality through their bouquet. In her own words, “I love making bridal bouquets because they are physically and metaphorically something for a bride to hold on to on her special day. No two bouquets are the same, each one is unique and beautiful in their own way, just like the brides we get to serve!”. In her freetime, Laurel enjoys running on trails around Charleston, rock climbing, and walks on the beach with her friends. We are so thankful for Laurel and her ability to bring each bride’s bouquet dreams come to life!